Moon Phases Bracelet Cuff


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Moon Phases Bracelet Cuff- whatever phase you’re in, this bracelet’s got you.

Simple, sleek, bracelets that make a statement on their own, or standout in a stack. Each cuff is designed and created by the artist.

“I’m a gal from the prairies whose inspirations are sea and sky. Where I live, our skies are like oceans: vast and beautifully blue. With a love for water and words, I design nautical and inspirational jewelry.

Hand stamping my designs enables my customers to literally wear their story. Be it a quote, a memorable event, or a name of someone dear. It allows for a meaningful connection with their jewelry piece.” Clair, artist and owner of Clair Ashley Jewelry

Each piece is hand-stamped by the artist, one by one.  As a result, the lines are not perfectly straight, resulting in a handmade organic feel with character.  It makes every piece a one of a kind beauty!

These cuffs use food safe pure aluminum.  Aluminum won’t oxidize or turn your skin into different colors.  It can handle getting a bit of water on it.  It is essentially hypoallergenic and is Clair Ashley’s go to metal for my clients with metal allergies.

  • Lead free
  • Lightweight
  • Hand-stamped
  • Tarnish-free & water resistant
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes


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